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Remembering Venice 2018

I think I will draw more, this was my first sketch in nearly 50 years, I was in Venice with my wife and her good friend for a week with a newly gifted sketch pad that I received for my February birthday, just a couple of months earlier. I sat down on the edge of Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, an ancient church, glanced across the Grand Canal to see the canal side of St. Mark's Square... the seagull stayed with me for the entire sketch. My wife and her friend were lunching on a waterside platform on a different canal when I sent her a photo of the sketch... she wrote back and said who did this, it's wonderful; so then, I asked a tourist who wanted to buy the sketch, if he would photograph me holding it, and then sent that new photo via imessage with the proof that I indeed sketched it... so, my urge to produce more drawings, iPhonagraphy

and such, was reawakened in me.

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